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Óbidos - Ericeira - Mafra

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The Tour Obidos is great for those interested in seeing a very old fortified city. For its excellent location by the sea and as the arms of the lagoon reached the hill, hese lands since there were always inhabited, as confirmed by the Lower Paleolithic season Outeiro of builds. Here it formed a Celtiberian castro, facing west.

It is known that the Phoenicians traded here, and today more properly the Romans settled here and it is likely that the south tower of the Torch, has had its origin in a watchtower tower of Roman construction, such as advanced post of the city of Eburobrittium , large urban metropolis found and archaeological work phase.

On 11 January 1148, the first king, Afonso Henriques, supported by Gonçalo Mendes da Maia, Obidos took to the Arabs, after the siege of the previous November. The Cruise of Memory is a simple monument of the time, later restored. Obidos belonged to the defensive pentagon (the five castles), the center of the kingdom, created by the Templars.

The grand vision of the Mafra National Palace, exemplary monument of the wealth of the eighteenth century, is an unforgettable experience. Built by King João V, the Palace and Convent of Mafra is the most important monument of the Portuguese Baroque, surprising with a rare library of 40,000 books and a set of unique chimes in the world who still continue activos. Dos cloisters of the Convent we went to the National Hunting Reserve of Mafra, where nature in its wild state the will delight.

Set up as a real hunting ground in the eighteenth century, this area of 800 hectares is a true Eden, given the large vegetable wealth and varied wildlife, including deer, wild boar, foxes, partridges and birds of all espécie. A Tapada Mafra offers plenty of activities that take full advantage of this "true natural gem." You can take the train to visit Tapada or on foot, bike or horse.

Also in this region saloia, follow north towards Ericeira, a seaside town with eight centuries of history and a tourist destination rather apreciado. A its vast area beaches and its clean waters are a magnet for those who want to catch some sun or for surfing, bodyboarding and skimming. With long fishing tradition, Ericeira is also recommended for the quality of its seafood and fish that make any delicious snack.

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