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Alentejo city, county seat and home to one of the largest counties in the country, Évora is one of the most emblematic Portuguese cities.Its beautiful historic center has been a UNESCO World Heritage site, an area of about 105 acres and 400 buildings, which is in itself one of the best reasons to visit this wonderful city Alentejo.

Évora is known for important Roman presence at the time of occupation of the peninsula, Evora was even called Liberalitas Julia. During the barbarian invasions, Évora was under Visigoth rule. In 715 AD the city was conquered by the Moors, having been conquered by Geraldo '' without fear '' in 1166, becoming during the Middle Ages one of the most prosperous cities of the kingdom, and was, in 1551, founded by the Jesuit University , youth symbol and know this iconic city.

With all this rich history, there are many places in the city of Évora unavoidable visit, as its impressive Cathedral built between 1186 and 1204, the known Roman Temple (popularly nicknamed the "Temple of Diana") built between the first century and III AD, the Church of St. Francis and his famous Chapel of Bones, totally covered with human bones, beautiful Lóios Church (XV century), or the D. Manuel Palace with interesting Ladies' Gallery, part of what remains Hall of the sixteenth century built by Avis dynasty which so influenced and loved these areas.

The about 20 churches and monasteries city denote its historical and religious importance. Local exchange and a must see as well is the famous Praça do Giraldo, with Arabic-style arches and a fountain dated 1571, a meeting place for all generations, animation and special shows. Évora has a great deal of craft, hotels and restaurants, and we can enjoy true delicacies typical Alentejo, in a city that tradition, combines peace of mind, history and animation as few.

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